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Download using UmBox

The preferred way of installing tophat is using the UmBox package manager. However you can download older tophat version here if you need them. See the install guide for help with installation.

Direct download

Current Stable - v1.3 (recommended)

  • playground fixes
  • rename window.quit to window.requestExit
  • update to new umka version
  • improve ui.TextBox
  • optimize
  • add .ogg support
  • add BoxGrowSpan and BoxGrowPxSpan to ui.Box
  • add Atlas.pack
  • add -doc CLI option
  • fix mojibake on windows
  • fix incorrect mouse delta behavior
  • other minor fixes and improvements


Built automatically from the main branch on every push. It contains the newest features, but may contain bugs and unannounced API changes.


  • Add DPI awareness
  • Add cursor support
  • UI improvements
  • Improve the tetris example
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements

Stable - v1.1

  • update to Umka v1.1
  • add -asm CLI argument
  • add ui.ScrollArea
  • bugfixes and improvements

Stable - v1.0

  • add a new UI framework
  • add web playground
  • add flappy bird example
  • add viewport offsets
  • remove cameras
  • add clipboard support
  • add window.quit
  • add ninepatch scale parameter
  • add onDestroy callback
  • bugfixes and improvements

stable v0.10

  • Complete rewrite of the rendering and platform backend
  • add web export support
  • add th.Quad.getDims
  • change the mainloop structure

stable v0.9

This is the latest release.

  • rework
  • rework
  • add
  • add canvas.drawQuad
  • windows build support (by ~ske)
  • window utility functions

stable v0.8