Tophat downloads

See the install guide for help with installation.

Current Stable - v1.1 (recommended)

  • update to Umka v1.1
  • add -asm CLI argument
  • add ui.ScrollArea
  • bugfixes and improvements


Built automatically from the main branch on every push. It contains the newest features, but may contain bugs and unannounced API changes.

Stable - v1.0

  • add a new UI framework
  • add web playground
  • add flappy bird example
  • add viewport offsets
  • remove cameras
  • add clipboard support
  • add window.quit
  • add ninepatch scale parameter
  • add onDestroy callback
  • bugfixes and improvements

stable v0.10

  • Complete rewrite of the rendering and platform backend
  • add web export support
  • add th.Quad.getDims
  • change the mainloop structure

stable v0.9

This is the latest release.

  • rework
  • rework
  • add
  • add canvas.drawQuad
  • windows build support (by ~ske)
  • window utility functions

stable v0.8